new products for fall

to ours customers

To ours customers

We are in the process to reorganize the company

We have ask our customers wants and now we are in process to bring the products that the market is asking us

Please find the new update on products

Linen is very popular and goes well with our line of botanical products.

We are getting the coated linen fabric and a brand new line of linen from France

We are discontinuing the vinyl fabric as the market has change in the last 3 years

A topi imports we support and work very close with our customers and we believe that providing you the right product at the right price will keep both business a winner

We also are in the process to hire a customer service on a permanent part time.

We will have the warehouse distribution up and running in France by mid-september allowing us to supply east coast customers and stay competitive with the shipping

And mainly be able to have a stock ready to go

So I want to thank you all our customers for our long loyal support since 1997 we will be celebrating our 20 years next years and it will in the next 2 locations:

One on the west coast of Canada

One in my property in France: Champagne finally it is moving forward

Please look at the new products and let us know if you are interested in the new line

Looking forward to hear from you

Viviane Guyot owner of TOPI imports and les Jardins de Jacquelinetea towel linen lt red stripeftp stripe linen tableclothftp linen tea towel