how to order


please email us to request an order form to

please provide your resell id and contact information

we do take credit card through Paypal and except only Canadian checks or wire transfer or  Etransfer

we have made an order form per  page so please download the form and fill your order we will send you the price sheet

Restaurant Orders

If you are a manufacturer interested in helping us make products, please email us with your website info and company information and provide us with some ideas of what you are thinking of using our products for, so that we can guide you to the best of our knowledge.

-Finished products in:

Vinyl and oilcloth :

  • -Finished oilcloth tablecloth
  • -Vinyl and oilcloth by the roll


PVC Coated

Teflon Fabrics.

  • -teflon damask.
  • -teflon printed.
  • -teflon jacquard.







Quantity Design Pattern and Fabric Size Drop Finished size




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